If you’ve been experiencing pain or loss of your range of motion in your elbow, you could be suffering from elbow arthritis. Those who experience elbow arthritis often complain of a grating sensation or a feeling of the elbow being locked. This is due to the loss of cartilage at the joint, causing bone to scrape on bone. If you feel like you may be suffering from elbow arthritis, don’t settle for a life of pain. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Hicken to discuss some of your treatment options that will improve the quality of your life.

Causes of Elbow Arthritis

There can be several different causes for arthritis. A common cause of arthritis is a previous injury that has built up scar tissue. However, not everyone who suffers from arthritis has experienced a previous injury to the affected joint. Arthritis can be caused by everyday wear and tear on a joint. Arthritis is caused when the demands placed on the joint are higher than it can bear.

Treatment Options

Depending on the severity of your arthritis, there may be a few different treatment options proposed. If you’re experiencing the early phases of arthritis, a nonsurgical option will likely be recommended. This will include activity modifications, physical therapy, and oral medication for pain. This can help to manage the symptoms and get you back to life with less pain. There’s also a surgical option that may be recommended based on if it will be the most efficient way to help you manage this. This surgical option is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure. This surgery that’s performed to manage symptoms of arthritis is called arthroscopy. This surgery helps to smooth out irregular bone surfaces and remove any bone spurs that may continue to grate onto a different bone. Scar tissue is also cleared out of the joint to help manage symptoms of arthritis. During your consultation with Dr. Hicken, he’ll be able to give you reliable guidance as to which type of treatment will be the best for you.

What to Expect for Your First Appointment

When you schedule your appointment with Dr. Hicken to discuss your elbow pain, he’ll perform a thorough examination to provide an accurate diagnosis. This will include observation for swelling and tenderness. He’ll also have you bend and straighten your arm as much as possible without causing pain to see your range of motion. From here, an x-ray may be recommended that will show some indicators of arthritis.

Experiencing arthritis in your elbows makes everyday activities painful. Living with pain is not something you need to accept. Dr. Hicken can help improve the quality of your life. As you work with him and his team, you’ll be able to return to your activities with less pain. To schedule your appointment, give us a call at 435-787-2000.