A hip replacement surgery can leave your hips and the surrounding areas feeling sore. However, it’s the permanent solution for pain-free hips! You can incorporate exercises to relieve hip pain into your post-surgery recovery. You can perform these exercises with your therapist for increased flexibility, mobility, strength, and pain alleviation.   

Here are some hip exercises you can perform after consulting with your doctor:

Glute Bridge

Lie on the floor with your face up and knees bent. Wrap a loop band around your thighs, slightly above your knees. Ensure your feet are hip-width apart. Keep your hands at your sides so that your fingers are close to touching the back of your heels. 

Engage your core; your lower back should press against the floor. Push through the feet to elevate your hips until they align with your knees. Squeeze your glutes at the top of the position. Slowly lower your hips to the ground and return to the starting position before repeating the movement. 

Side-Lying Clam

Lay on your side with the sore side on top and the uninjured side pressed to the floor. Bend your hips and knees about 30 degrees. Then, put a loop band right above your knees. Keep your heels together, and then lift the top knee off of the bottom one to create resistance against your band. Keep the bottom knee pushed into the floor. Hold the posture for 3 to 5 seconds and slowly return your knee to its resting position without rotating your trunk or hips. 

Knee Lift

To perform a knee lift, lie flat on your back and extend both legs along the ground. Pull your right knee toward your chest while keeping your left straight. Put both hands on the elevated knee to pull it toward your chest and hold the stretched position for 10 seconds. Then, let go of the right knee and lower it back to the ground. Repeat with the other knee.  

Single Leg Balance

You will need a soft stability trainer to perform this balance hip exercise. Stand beside a stable object in an upright position with both your feet on the trainer. Gently bend one leg to balance on the other. Maintain a steady posture without using the object as your support. Use the next-grade color band as you progress and gain more mobility. 

Double Hip Rotation

Double hip rotation is one of the most popular hip exercises. To perform this exercise, lie flat on your back and bend your knees, bringing them toward your body until your feet at planted on the ground. Then, gently rotate your knees to your left, lowering them toward the ground. 

Rotate your head to face your right side while keeping your shoulders against the ground. Hold the posture for 10-30 seconds. Then, return your knees and head to the starting position. Repeat the movement on the opposite side. 

At the end of the day, discussing the exercises you can perform after your hip replacement surgery with your physician is best. Dr. Hicken will thoroughly guide you toward safe exercises to relieve hip pain and provide a comprehensive post-surgery regimen. Schedule your hip replacement appointment with him today!