Hiking is a great way to get out and enjoy some time in nature while staying active. Hiking encourages bone strength, healthy muscle use, and cardio health. Hiking has also been shown to improve posture, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and reduce hip fractures. It’s easy and gentle on the joints and helps improve your overall mood. We want to share some great local hiking trails you can visit!

Wind Caves

The wind caves trail is an easy to moderate hike in Logan Canyon. The trailhead is located across from the Guinavah-Malibu Campground. Because the trail is shaded most of the way, it makes for a great mid-afternoon hike. At the top, the caves form a triple arch and natural open cavern, making the views amazing.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

This trail is one of the easiest new trails in Cache Valley. It starts at either Green Canyon or First Dam and then winds its way along the side of the mountains. From here you can see spectacular views of the valley and Green and Logan Canyons.

Riverside Nature Trail

Nature lovers of all ages and experience will enjoy this easy walk between Guinavah Campground and Spring Hollow campground. It’s a fairly flat trail with plenty of shade. Round trip, the trail is a little over 3 miles.

Smithfield Canyon Trail

The trailhead of this one is in Smithfield in a parking lot. It’s fairly steep but levels out when you reach the meadows. Early on in the season, you can see waterfalls cascading down the canyon. If you feel up to it, take the trail up to Tony Grove! The total length is 5.8 miles.

We hope you get out there, stay active, and enjoy the beauty that Cache Valley has to offer.