Dr. Hicken prioritizes being on the cutting-edge of  new technologies for knee replacements. Recently, he has been able to help bring the new NAVIO orthopaedic surgical system to Northern Utah and Southern Idaho. Because every patient has unique needs, not all patient operations for knee replacement will be the same.

The technology of NAVIO allows surgeons, like Dr. Hicken, to collect and register patient-specific anatomical data. This can help Dr. Hicken make a 3D model of the patient’s knee. The closer Dr. Hicken can look a the implant, the more exact he can be on the placement of the implant. Here’s why Dr. Hicken likes this new system:

“I knew this system would allow us to perform at a higher level of quality and give patients multiple knee replacement options. Being able to offer partials, revisions, and total knee replacement surgeries all in one place is something I’ve sought to [accomplish]. With this new system, it’s made that possible,”

Typically, knee replacements are done using cutting blocks or guides to help direct the tools. Not only is this technically difficult, it can be challenging to place the blocks accurately. NAVIO has advanced knee replacements with the ability to provide higher levels of accuracy and precision in the placement of these guides.

Unlike other surgical robotic systems, NAVIO uses a small footprint to map the bone tissue intra-operatively, meaning during the surgery.

To see how the NAIO works, learn more here.

Dr. Hicken is excited to help people get back to their lives using this new technology. He says, ““There is nothing more rewarding than talking to patients, working with them, and getting them back to what’s important in their lives.”

If you are interested in learning about knee replacement, or to see if you are a candidate for NAVIO, give our office a call to schedule your appointment.