Those who have experienced knee injuries understand that it can be difficult to fit cardio and exercise into your lifestyle without suffering from knee pain. However, cardio is important to keep your heart and lungs healthy, so we’re sharing some exercises that will be easy on your knees that allow you to get your cardio in.

Cycling: This is a great way to fit cardio into your daily life. Whether you enjoy spending time outside or on a stationary bike inside, cycling is a way to get some exercise that’s easy on your joints, especially your knees. Cycling will also improve the strength and flexibility in your knees over time, which can help to decrease your risk of further injury in the future. When you start out with cycling, try to avoid hills and begin with a low resistance level. Slowly work up to more resistance and hills once your body is conditioned to this type of exercise. Make sure to listen to your body throughout your exercise, if you’re experiencing any knee pain or discomfort, slow things down to prevent further injury.

Elliptical: This machine can be a great alternative to a treadmill. Because your feet never leave the pedals, your risk for injuring your knees, hips, or back is decreased significantly. Start slow when you’re working up to adding resistance while on the elliptical. This exercise will get your heart rate up and build your cardio fitness, with less impact to your knees. 

Step-ups: This type of exercise is great cardio and will be easy on your knees, as long as you have proper form. You can do this exercise at the gym, or at home if you’ve got stairs. Step up onto the step with your right foot. Tap your left foot on the top of the step and then lower and repeat. Make sure that your knee is directly over your ankle to protect your knees. 

Swimming: This is a great exercise that provides a way to burn calories while staying low-impact for your knees. Not only is it great cardio, it works out every major muscle group in your body. If you’re looking for a simple exercise and suffer from knee pain, it’s time to hit the swimming pool and swim some laps. 

If you suffer from knee pain, you don’t have to put your fitness goals on the backburner. You’ll start to feel better and your knee and the surrounding muscles will be strengthened as you make your health a priority. Make sure to not push yourself too far as you’re starting out to decrease your risk for further injury. If you find that you’re unable to go through your day without knee pain, it’s time to see someone who can help. Dr. Hicken specializes in knee pain diagnosis and treatment. He can help you determine the best route of treatment so that knee pain isn’t a daily occurrence and you can get back to your active life. 

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