Knowing what to expect when you’re recovering from a hip replacement can help you stick to your treatment plan and return to your everyday activities more quickly. If you’re anticipating a hip replacement procedure or recovering from one, we’re sharing some tips to help you have a smooth recovery.

Your Hospital Stay

Your recovery starts as soon as your procedure is finished. Depending on what you and your doctor have decided on and your recovery speed, your hospital stay can range from an outpatient procedure (leaving the same day of the procedure) to a stay of four days. There are a few things that Dr. Hicken will want to see before allowing you to leave the hospital.

  • Getting in and out of bed by yourself.
  • Having acceptable pain control.
  • Being able to perform activities such as eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom by yourself.
  • Walking with an assistive device such as a cane, walker, or crutches.
  • Being able to perform prescribed at-home exercises.

If one or more of these things listed above are too difficult or painful to perform, Dr. Hicken and your healthcare team will work with you closely to get you ready to go home. It may be unsafe to discharge you from the hospital before you can safely perform these things.

Recovery at Home

Preparing your home before your procedure is an important step for your recovery that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are a few things you should do before your procedure to ensure your recovery process isn’t hindered by a lack of preparedness.

Rearrange furniture as needed so that you can easily maneuver around your home with your assistive device. (Cane, crutches, walker, etc.) Make the necessary changes in your home to promote your healing in the early stages of recovery. For example, you could use your living room temporarily as your bedroom if your bedroom is on a different level of the house.

Place items that are frequently used within reach so you’re not reaching too high or bending down. Things such as your phone and medications should be close and within reach.

Remove any throw rugs or area rugs that could cause you to trip or slip. If you fall while you’re recovering from your hip replacement, you could easily injure yourself or take a large step back in your recovery. Make sure that loose cords to appliances are secured and out of the way.

Resuming Your Daily Activities

When you return home from your hip replacement, you should make an effort to stay active. The key is to not do too much, too soon. Make sure to listen to your body and watch for gradual improvement. There will be good and bad days, but you should start to see a trend of gradual improvement as you continue to be active in your recovery.

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